Blog: 7 suggestions for team building exercises that make a team healthier and more efficient

Is your team important to you? And what do you do to ensure that the team is healthier? To ensure that performance and fun are in balance in your team?

Nowadays a lot of team development is being done and that is a positive trend. Employees and teams are essential to organizations and team building can be used to inspire, motivate and retain. In this blog we highlight team building as an important element of team development.

Team building is focused on working together. This is extremely important for an organization because good and productive collaboration ensures success. In addition, team building stimulates fun and enthusiasm in the workplace. This is good for mutual trust and creativity of employees. Enjoying your work is extremely important when it comes to achieving success. Team building activities are often fun activities where cooperation and communication are central.

It is important to choose the right team building format based on the needs and interests of your team. Team building activities should be fun and challenging, but also contribute to developing skills such as communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Bureau La Poutre gives you 7 suggestions for the best team building exercises:

  1. Outdoor sports activities: This can vary from a survival trip in the woods to rock climbing, canoeing or completing an obstacle course. This helps to strengthen the team and improve collaboration.
  2. Confidence exercises: This includes activities such as the confidence trap, blindfolds and guided obstacle courses. Team members must rely on each other to get through the obstacles.
  3. Group Dialogue: Organizing group dialogue is intended to share feelings, and/or share ideas and find solutions to team challenges. If the right working methods are used, group dialogue is useful to improve communication and trust between team members.
  4. Theater sports and role plays: Let team members play different roles and experience the challenges faced by their colleagues or stakeholders. This helps to develop empathy and understand the challenges of others.
  5. Cooking together: Organize a cooking workshop where the team cooks together and shares the meal. This is a fun way to bring team members together and learn to work together.
  6. Participating in volunteer work: Participating in volunteer work as a team to work together on a common mission while working on the social role of your organization.
  7. Mindfulness exercises: Introduce mindfulness exercises, such as meditation or yoga, to help team members relax and concentrate better.

Are you a manager and would you like to know more about making your team healthier and more efficient and how you can turn this into a professional program that involves team building?

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