Management consultancy
Change management
Interim & process management

Our mission is to empower individuals, teams and organizations to reach their full potential.

We empower professionals to find their own talents and strenghts.
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LAPOUTRE is a coaching and consultancy company with a significant track record assisting its clients with coaching (both for teams and individuals), training, management consultancy, change management and interim- & process management. We have completed projects for government agencies, in the public domain and in the corporate sector. LAPOUTRE distinguishes itself with our result-oriented approach on both process and content level.

LAPOUTRE was founded in 1991 by Michel La Poutre. Michel is the driving force behind the company, but regularly works with a number of experienced partners where necessary to bring projects to a successful conclusion.


At LAPOUTRE our mission is to inspire and stimulate people, so that they learn about their talents and qualities and can make optimal use of them. In our view, it’s important to create a safe learning environment where all participants can thrive.

We push people to take responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings and actions, to perform better and to have more fun. Furthermore, we encourage people to make the best contribution to their organization or team based on their own strength and with pleasure. Finally, we link well-organized processes to relevant content with the aim to achieve lasting and measurable results.


Tailor-made services

Every person and every organization is unique, which is why we always offer tailor-made services. We work together with your team and our team towards the desired results, because only you and your team know what you want to achieve. We like to work with organizations that aim to maximize the potential of their people, their stakeholders and their results.

Are you interested in using the services of LAPOUTRE? Please contact us now for a free introductory meeting. In this meeting we can get acquainted and determine how we can best serve you or your organization.