Interim and process management

Interim and process management is often used by governments as well as companies. An interim- or process manager can be hired as a temporary replacement, during a reorganization or transition, a particularly busy period, a special project or when increasing the productivity of an organization.

Our approach to interim and process management

LAPOUTRE has already assisted many organizations as an interim or process manager. Both in government organizations, in the public domain and in companies. In those processes, the focus is often on process guidance and acceleration. We have a true ‘Get it done’ mentality, in which we objectively, effectively and efficiently look for solutions that work and can be deployed quickly. We always keep an eye on the environment, the internal dynamics of an organization and the people within the organization.

During team changes or special projects, we can also fulfill an interim role as in-house coach or trainer and thus help shape behavioral and organizational transformation. We always do this in close consultation with the organization, so that coaching and team sessions can be left to us in full confidence. We always measure progress and stimulate transformation that is visible.

Do you need an interim or process manager within your organization? Please contact us now for a free introductory meeting. In this meeting we can get acquainted and determine how we can best serve you or your organization.

interim and process management